Fascinating Summer Dress Shirts Ideas To Try Asap20
Fascinating Summer Dress Shirts Ideas To Try Asap20

46 Fascinating Summer Dress Shirts Ideas To Try Asap

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Do you want to look stylish and professional at work? Due to certain dress code requirements, most people are obliged to follow the office dress code policy at all times. Dress shirts are a great example of business casual wear that can be worn in different styles to create sophisticated and professional looks.

It is available in different fabrics like cotton blend, denim and stain resistant materials. Below, you will find some useful guidelines for buying and wearing a dress shirt to create a clean professional look. Here you go.

What Things Do You Need to Consider Before Buying a Dress Shirt?

· Consider the physique and stature of your body and decide which style you want to wear.

· Consider the quality fabric like oxford, twill, poplin and cotton blend fabrics. Try to opt for the shirt that have moisture wicking ability, keep the sweat away and allow maximum comfort and softness for long.

· Opt for a trendy color and stylish pattern if you are confused with so many options available in dress shirts.

· Choose an appropriate style of the collar, cuffs and pockets.

· Select the trendiest collar style that is V-shaped points of a straight-point collar; usually look great on most of the people.

· Check out the correct placement of pockets. A single chest pocket gives a more formal and professional look.

· Close French or double cuffs with cufflinks or silk knot to getting a proper look.

Some Stylish Ways to Wear Dress Shirts

· During summer season it’s difficult to layer your dress shirt. Wear a light colored shirt and layer it with a lightweight blazer that gives a crisp tailored look.

· Pair it with khakis or jeans for casual Fridays. For men, wearing a tie is a basic requirement that will look appropriate for professional business environment.

· Wear a wide belt over your shirt that accentuates your curves and gives the overall slimmest look. Also try to wear dark-colored dress shoes.

· Ladies, you should avoid wearing a dress code that exposes your back.

· Also avoid shorts because they are never allowed as a dress code for business casual environment.

· Wear a cotton shirt with knee-length skirts that will not expose your bare legs.

· Try to wear flats or heels and avoid wearing open-toe and strapless shoes, as it exposes the heels and feet.

· Select conservative and tasteful jewelry; wear a necklace that highlights your collar bone while giving an elegant, casual and clean look.

Consider the above useful guidelines prior to investing in a dress shirt and carefully keep these stylish ways in your mind to get a clean, sophisticated look.


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