Attractive Blue And White Summer Dress Ideas That Looks Cool14
Attractive Blue And White Summer Dress Ideas That Looks Cool14

42 Attractive Blue And White Summer Dress Ideas That Looks Cool

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With summer coming up are you wondering about what the world of fashion has in store for you? If you like to be ‘in’ with all the latest trends then there are a few things that you simply have to have in your wardrobe.

It is surprisingly easy to look fashionable as long as you have a few essentials; you can use them along with the clothes you already have.

1. One of the biggest fashion trends for the summer is floral prints. Flowers in large prints and bold colours will give you a bright and cheerful look, perfect for an outing on a sunny summer day. If you feel that smaller prints go with your shorter height then feel free to choose the size that suits you the best. Adventurous people can even mix and match different prints and colours. You’ll find plenty of dresses with these floral prints but trousers or jeans will also look absolutely lovely. You could also buy a cheerful flowery button-down shirt to go with your coloured skinny jeans that you bought a few seasons ago.

2. Colours are going to be very bright the coming summer. You can go wild with colours that you don’t usually wear. Orange, hot pink, deep blue, emerald green… the list is endless. You can even wear the colours in bold and unusual combinations. Pink goes beautifully with orange, green with blue and red with purple.

3. White never goes out of style and is always a lovely option for summer. Whether you opt for a crisp linen button down shirt or a pretty blouse with lace or a scattering of white beads or sequins, you will look cool and composed. You could go for an all-white look with a beautiful layered skirt or jeans. If you want some colour in the outfit you could accessorize it with bright jewellery or a tote.

4. A blue and white nautical print will also give you a smart summery look. Wear a striped tee-shirt with a pair of skinny jeans or a calf-length white flowing skirt. Complete the look with a pair of espadrilles or wedges and a cross-body bag.

5. You can also have a high fashion look with the help of chunky jewellery. Wear ethnic jewellery made of silver and semi-precious stones. Look for traditional Turkish, Arabic or Indian jewellery because of their intricate designs and unusual looks.


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