Fabulous Summer Work Dresses Ideas That Looks Cool28
Fabulous Summer Work Dresses Ideas That Looks Cool28

38 Fabulous Summer Work Dresses Ideas That Looks Cool

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The primary consideration, when choosing a dress for a spring/summer work event, must be that it is appropriate for the occasion. You may well be representing your firm at the event, and projecting the correct image is vital; a very short skirt would not be suitable if you work in a legal firm, for example.

An event requiring evening wear is likely to be very formal, and women need to appear well-groomed. When shopping for a dress, don’t forget to take the shoes that you intend to wear with the dress, so that you can see how the two look together. At a work event, it would be wise to avoid wearing a dress that displays too much cleavage or legs.

This is also important if you wish to progress further within your company, as an inappropriately revealing dress will detract from your intellectual capabilities and experience. However, it is equally important not to overdo things by wearing a grand ball-gown.

The ideal dress would be relatively simple, fitted and without excessive embellishments. Avoid wearing too many accessories, instead opting for one interesting piece such as a chunky bangle or striking necklace; if the dress is plain, this will add detail without being too dominant. The other point to consider is the weather, as we can never be sure how warm a spring evening will be.

Equally, a room may become very hot if there are a lot of people present, so heavy evening dresses with long sleeves may become too warm. The answer could be to wear a relatively light dress, but carry a wrap or pretty scarf. Thus you can cover up if it gets chilly, or slip the wrap off if the room is too warm. A bolero jacket is another possibility, especially if your dress is sleeveless.


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