Flawless Fall Nail Colors Ideas For Your Bridesmaids41
Flawless Fall Nail Colors Ideas For Your Bridesmaids41

44 Flawless Fall Nail Colors Ideas For Your Bridesmaids

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s you swap out your bright, sunny summer makeup for richer, deeper shades that better reflect the season that is now upon us, don’t forget to update your nail colour wardrobe, as well. This year’s manicure palette for autumn is brimming with warm, sophisticated, and delicious shades of chocolate, russet, and burgundy.

If you’re the type who is intimidated by darker nail colours, don’t despair. Use these tips and techniques to choose and apply and autumn-appropriate nail colour shade with ease and confidence.

Think deep and warm. When you’re choosing a darker shade for autumn, make sure you stick with a colour that has warm undertones. Fire engine red and stark purples are better suited to colder weather. For fall, opt for shades with warm undertones and golden highlights.

Pick a flattering shade. Even though trendsetters have identified rich brown-based tones as the ‘it’ nail colours for this autumn, it’s still important to ensure that your chosen shade is a good match with your skin. Beauty experts say it’s always more important to pick a flattering shade than to hew to the hot new colour. Try to find a compromise between the latest palettes and a polish colour that really brings out the best in your complexion.

Use a base coat. When you’re working with a darker nail polish, it’s important to protect your nails from stains. Begin with a base coat to make sure the lacquer doesn’t leave a lasting mark. Some base coats also have the advantage of extending the life of your manicure and improving the texture and health of your nails.

Zap away mistakes. There’s nothing worse than trying to give yourself a manicure and winding up with tiny flecks of dark nail polish splattered all around your cuticles. Before you begin applying your dark lacquer, have an orange stick or cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover at the ready. That way, when you make a mistake, you can use it to erase any stray polish quickly and easily.

Aim for balance. When you get right down to it, nail colour is an accessory. If you’re opting for an intense and dramatic nail look, you might want to dial down your other accents, such as jewellery, scarves, and the like. If you pair a bold nail palette with too many accessories, the total affect may be over the top.


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