Best Medium Layered Hairstyles Ideas To Light You Up35
Best Medium Layered Hairstyles Ideas To Light You Up35

48 Best Medium Layered Hairstyles Ideas To Light You Up

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Medium length hairstyles, over all, are hard to beat for ease and versatility. However, once you begin to layer the hair, the more difficult it becomes to maintain the style. On average medium layers are good for eight weeks, tops, before a trim is necessary. The more layers, the sooner the hair will need to be trimmed to keep the style from looking ragged and shapeless.

Stylists recommend regular use of a conditioner to keep the layers manageable and to help prevent split ends. Most layered styles benefit from both the use of a volumizer product applied at the root level to help separate layers and a bit of hair spray to add the final bit of volumizing. The trick is to find not over use the products and allow the hair to have some movement.

The advantages of layered medium length styles are the versatility. They easily move from casual and flowing, to curly and styled, and from there, to a more sophisticated up style. Often with the use of a few styling tools, such as, hot rollers, curling irons, hair straighteners and wavers, medium length hair styles can be changed several times a day, depending on the occasion and the look required.

There is a disadvantage to layered hair and any woman who has ever had their hair layered will attest to this is that once the hair has been layered, it is a long process to change to a different unlayered hairstyle. Unless you are willing to grow your hair out for a very long time, or add hair extensions, you will need to go shorter to eliminate the layers.

Still many women choose the medium layered styles for their sheer fun and the sophisticated possibilities. Done well, and well maintained the medium layered hairstyle works well with all face shapes.


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