Cute Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas For Summer That Have An Elegant Looks18
Cute Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas For Summer That Have An Elegant Looks18

44 Cute Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas For Summer That Have An Elegant Looks

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With beautiful summer evenings and lazy summer days ahead, you have no doubt altered your wardrobe for the warmer climate. So why not revamp your makeup too! In this article, I will tell you how to revamp the classic smokey eye in bronze and brown tones that are perfect for your evenings out this summer.

Use Multi-Tonal Shades of Eyeshadow. To begin, you need to add a few additions to your eye shadow color palate. If you are of a fairer complexion, use bronze and brown shades. If you are of a deeper complexion, use golden hued and brownish green shades of eye shadow. Pick two to three shades in a similar color palate for this look. I like the ColorOn EyeEnvy-Flaunt Kit for this softer smokey eyed look, since you get all of the shades you need in one kit.

Wet your Brush. A slightly wet eye shadow brush is the secret to this look being successful. Lightly dip your brush into cool water and then dab off excess water. Next, dab your brush in the lightest of the eye shadow shades that you have chosen. Swab the bottom part of the eyelid (near the top of your lashes) with the color. Now with the second color (or final color), dab the slightly wet brush into the shade and swab on your eyelid, moving further toward the brow line with each color to create a sweeping, multi-faceted smokey eye. Try using a soft natural bristle brush for more even application.

Line the Eyes. The finishing touch for any smokey eye is the eyeliner. Use a soft kohl pencil to soften lines and build coverage as desired. Line the inner rim of the eyes with a deep brown shade of liner that complements the shadows you have chosen. I would recommend Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil for its creamy soft texture and durability.    Summer is here and now you have the best makeup tip of the season. You will wow onlookers and have everyone wondering what you did differently to create this subtle yet noticeable look. As with any makeup application, a bit of practice is necessary to perfect your technique. Just be patient and you will be flawlessly sporting this summer smokey eye look in no time.


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