Lovely Women Summer Outfits Ideas With Jeans To Try This Season33
Lovely Women Summer Outfits Ideas With Jeans To Try This Season33

37 Lovely Women Summer Outfits Ideas With Jeans To Try This Season

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Elan International is one of the hottest emerging women’s clothing designers on the market today. If you have not yet heard of this name, not to worry, it won’t be long before you begin to see it everywhere! With this being said, the Elan casual wear line offers a wide variety of summer denim options that should definitely be considered if you are currently on the hunt for that perfect pair of summer pants.

We are going to quickly outline cropped jeans, the boyfriend jean and the newly returning retro flare jean style so you can decide for yourself which style is best for your personal taste and existing style.

Cropped jeans are without a doubt perfect for the summer season. This year you will find these jeans are very relaxed through the hips and thighs creating a very comfortable piece of casual wear clothing. You may be thinking that casual jeans are not really your thing because they create a bigger silhouette than you are searching for but you may be surprised to learn how to make these jeans work.

A simple tight fitting fashion top or halter tank top is all that you need to create an optical illusion with these Elan casual wear jeans. The tight fitting upper piece will show off your figure and actually accent the casual fitting jeans; a perfect combo that any one create no matter what their age or body type.

Elan International has also created their take on the ever popular boyfriend jean. Now, if you are not 100% sure about casual fitting jeans than these jeans may not be for you. This jean style fits extremely low on the waist and is quite loose through the hips and thighs and even through the legs.

Many women choose to roll their boyfriend jeans up for the summer to instantly turn them into cropped jeans. If you don’t choose to roll them up they offer a slim boot cut generally which make them perfect for heels and wedge sandals during the summer. Belts are the key accessory for these jeans and in many cases a belt is necessary to keep these loose fitting pants in place!

And at last, the retro bell bottoms or full flare jeans are back! This summer and fall you are going to see the return of this vintage style and it is quite flattering, even on shorter women. You must pair these jeans with platform heels but if you are already quite tall flats can be an appealing style as well.

These jeans are quite form fitting and sit at mid to high waist level which may be something you are not use to after years of low riding jeans. Definitely choose to pair these jeans with a unique fashion top that can be easily tucked in, so you can easily show off the style of these Elan International jeans.


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