Superb Versatile Jeans Ideas For Fall To Try Asap35
Superb Versatile Jeans Ideas For Fall To Try Asap35

40 Superb Versatile Jeans Ideas For Fall To Try Asap

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It’s no fashion secret that denim is always in. Every season of every year, denim jeans will re-invent themselves in the most creative, and unexpected ways. Now that fall has finally arrived after a long hot summer, it’s time to consider trading in our cutoff shorts for the hottest new denim styles. Brace yourself, because this season’s new jeans are fiercer than ever. Watch out for when these new hot styles hit the racks of stores all over town.

It’s no secret that retro is back in style, so you can be sure to see some retro jean styles this fall that have come back around to show off their timeless look. 50’s cropped ankle jeans, with dark washes, straight legs and pedal-pushing flair will give off a hip, youthful vibe, especially when worn with special touches, like zippers on the ankle or a wild pattern. Keeping in sync with the retro vibe, high-waisted, re-vamped 70’s style jeans will also re-appear back on the fall jean scene. This new look combines the classic 70’s bell-bottom with an all new crisp, streamlined look that fits perfectly in with other fall fashions.

Another notable new jeans style for fall will be denim in saturated fall colors. Colored jeans have been in style throughout many different seasons in the past, but this fall, pay specific attention to deep, rich fall colors, like dark eggplant, olive green and mustard gold. Better yet, pick up a pair of jeans in this color, and you’ll wear them through winter!

Good news for the ladies that are tired of rocking the skin-tight skinny jean! Straight-leg slouchy jeans are killing it this fall! It’s almost like a hybrid between the boyfriend jean and the mom jean, but the straight-leg slouchy style will look loose but still somehow tailored. Also, this style will make your jeans look stylishly worn in, like you have loved wearing them your whole life.

Moving right along-to paneled denim! Now this trend is perhaps one of the hottest and most original of the season. This fall’s paneling styles give off an almost “wild-western” vibe, because they patch suede and leather panels onto tight denim. The outcome? A sexy, interesting, multi-textured jean that could catch anyone’s eye this fall.

And on the subject of eye-catching denim, the graffiti print jean will also be appearing on the scene this fall. Perhaps this style has spawned from the 80’s-inspired acid wash jean trend from recent seasons past, but I think it can be agreed upon that the style has been taken one daring step beyond acid wash. This fall, you’ll notice brightly colored, artful, street-inspired patterns on jeans that will scream fabulous!

Keep your eyes peeled this fall for all these sexy new denim trends and more!


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