Extraordinary Street Style Outfit Ideas For Winter To Try25
Extraordinary Street Style Outfit Ideas For Winter To Try25

39 Extraordinary Street Style Outfit Ideas For Winter To Try

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Winter is here and with it comes a lot of bundling up and covering up. This means that it is much harder to get noticed during the winter than in the summer when you can wear all sorts of fun articles of clothing. Even your own personal style sometimes gets hidden in those warm winter jackets and clothes. So, here are 3 ways that I’ve thought of to get noticed in the winter.

Add colorful accessories to your outfit such as a bright orange hat or a green scarf. Remember that movie “Confessions of a Shopaholic?” The green scarf in that movie was the main characters’ distinguishing feature and using that name really got people’s attention. This is the same thing you should do.

Wear something different that someone can identify you by. This way, if someone asks about you, it will be easy for someone else to tell them who you are. If you’re in school or work in an office where there are a lot of people, this is especially important.

Wear fitted clothes: This is really important. A lot of people buy sweaters that are big or baggy. Essentially, this tells people nothing. Actually, even worse, it could tell people that you are trying to hide something underneath your clothes and that you don’t have a good figure.

It is especially important during the winter to make sure your clothes are flattering and form fitting. If you want to wear something baggy, add a belt to show your waist. Also, make sure your leggings or jeans fit so that people can at least see that you have nice legs. Whatever your assets, make sure your clothes are showing them off and not hiding them.

Wear a cool jacket in a bright color: Here is a great thing to do. Choose a jacket in a bright color so it stands out from all of the blacks and the greys that you see all winter. Something like a red pea coat would really be striking and cute. Red is also a very alluring color and studies have shown that it catches your eye much easier than many other colors and makes people believe that the other person is more attractive.

The alternative to that is to wear a white pea coat. I say a pea coat because these coats are cute, but also very classic. The color white also stands out well against the sea of black you will see out on the street.


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