Vintage Baby Boy Outfits Ideas For Spring To Have21
Vintage Baby Boy Outfits Ideas For Spring To Have21

35 Vintage Baby Boy Outfits Ideas For Spring To Have

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Spring has sprung and you are shopping for those oh so handsome outfits in the infant boy clothing section of your local store. What are things you should consider? Is this outfit better than the next? What will make your son the most comfortable? Here are a few things to consider.

Weather in spring is unpredictable. One moment it will be breezy and sunny and the next quite windy and cold. Infants have a hard time regulating body temperature sometimes through the first year of life. You will want to dress your baby in multiple layers and keep extra blankets on hand.

Rainy weather and wet clothing can bring down baby’s temperature. On top of the fact that baby already has a hard time controlling his temperature, getting wet in those snap spring showers can cause a drastic drop in his temperature, plan on this by not only having lots of outfits on hand, but also having several one piece bodysuits as well as other under garments handy. If baby does get wet, change him as quickly as possible.

Are the fabrics in the outfits you like light and airy? Just as you don’t want baby to get to cold, him getting to hot can be just as bad; and can have just as bad an effect on his happiness and health. Consider that you don’t like to be too hot or too cold, and remember that baby doesn’t always control his temperature well. A good rule of thumb is one layer more than you would be comfortable in though in extreme climates, this may not be the case.

Will your baby be spending most of his time in doors or outside? The environment your baby will be spending time in is a helpful consideration when deciding what clothing to buy. If baby will be spending most of his time indoors you will not need as many long sleeved clothes and long pants. If, however, baby will be outdoors a lot, you will need more long sleeved outfits and long pants.

Carefully evaluate what activities you enjoy and want to take baby along with. What you like to do, and where you like to do it can heavily influence the type of infant boy clothing you will buy, and how much you are likely to spend. Remember that the activities your baby encounters will be things he will be used to and perhaps enjoy as much as you do!


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