Magnificient Pleated Skirt Outfit Ideas For Fall You Should Already Own42
Magnificient Pleated Skirt Outfit Ideas For Fall You Should Already Own42

45 Magnificient Pleated Skirt Outfit Ideas For Fall You Should Already Own

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A maxi skirt is quite a bit of a closet staple. Almost every lady is bound to have one or two of such skirts in their wardrobe. Like a little black dress, or a sexy pair of jeans, this is something that never goes out of fashion.

If you have not glanced at your skirt for a long time now, here are some cool tips we are here to share with you. You can wear this skirt and look super fashionable and modern too!

For a polished look

Where you wear your maxi skirt can make a lot of difference. Skirts that are slung low look unkempt and boho, so opt for skirts that sit high up on your waist.

The pleated look

Looking for something that is in this season? Choose a pleated maxi skirt then. Nothing spells feminine better than a pleated skirt that falls wells. You can wear with just about anything, like a basic shirt or a tee and there you are looking stylish and quite effortlessly at that!

The choice in fabrics

There are a lot of fabrics, prints and colours you can choose from when it comes such skirts. We would however recommend that you go with the opaque solid colored ones. That way you can team up your skirt with a variety of tops and achieve a different look each time.

With a cropped blazer

Are you off to work and want to look a bit different than you usually do? Well then, team this skirt with a blazer. Just make sure it is a well-tailored one and cropped in length so that you can maintain a balance in your look. Team it up with a good day bag and you are good to go!

A breezy collared shirt

You can team up your maxi skirt with your favorite collared shirt too. A cool linen brightly collared shirt will go simply great with your skirt. Want to sport a careful careless look in the summer months? Try rolling up the sleeves to your elbows then.

Stylish evening wear

Looking for a spin on evening wear? Try teaming up your solid colored maxi skirt (preferably black or navy blue) with a tank top and a cool belt. Accessorize with stylish and chunky cocktail jewelry and you are ready to rock the evening out with friends Here is a tip to buy such skirts in the first place. Buy the slim fit column like ones instead of the full volume layered ones for more options to change your look according to the occasion.

The spin on footwear

When it comes to wearing maxi skirts, the most preferred type of footwear seems to be flats or sandals. But both of these come across as fairly casual. If you are planning to wear your maxi skirt to work, you can team it up with a pair of pretty pumps. Heeled closed shoes would also go quite well with your formal look. But do watch your step when you are wearing such shoes, for you could trip on your skirt!

So these are our tips for wearing your maxi skirt in style and sophistication. Here is a skirt that never really goes out of style, so try out these different looks and you are sure to get a lot of compliments!


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