Wonderful Wrist Tattoos Ideas For Women To Try Asap25
Wonderful Wrist Tattoos Ideas For Women To Try Asap25

40 Wonderful Wrist Tattoos Ideas For Women To Try Asap

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Wrist tattoo are very popular these days and they make a wonderful tattoo design.  More and more women are chosen to get tattoos in sexy little places on their body like their wrist, ankle and the lower back.  Have you been considering getting a wrist tattoo?  There are a lot of great designs the specifically cater to wrist tattoos for girls.

Decide On The Size

Full Wrist – Bracelet Tattoo

One popular option is to get a full wrist tattoo.  This is a design that wraps all the way around the wrist forming a bracelet of sorts.These designs can incorporate things like flowers, dolphins and other long rectangular shapes.  They also work well for tribal designs and other more abstract or pattern tattoo designs.

Top or Bottom Of Wrist

Another very popular option is to choose either a top of the wrist or a bottom of the wrist tattoo design.  Thus is a smaller design by nature that goes in one of the locations.  For example a very popular theme might be a ribbon, fairy or Japanese kanji design on the underside of the wrist.

Wrist Plus

The wrist plus tattoo of course takes a little more commitment and costs a little more money however it can also incorporate a much larger design.  The wrist plus design is a tattoo that starts at the wrist and the goes up.  One of the most popular wrist plus designs is for guys which has flames that start at the wrist and then go up.  However for something a little more sexy and feminine you could do  a koi fish design that starts at the wrist and move up.  Or you might consider a lotus slower in water that again starts at the wrist and then goes up into the forearm.

Choose A General Theme

The next step is to narrow your ideas down to a general theme.  You want to think about what you want your tattoo design to represent and then try to narrow that down into some sort of theme or general area.  For example do you want to express your feelings of love?  Then you might be looking for flower or heart tattoo designs.  However, that is going to convey something very different then a large tribal band or flames.  So take the ideas you want to express about yourself and try to narrow it down into some symbols that could represent that.  If you are a cancer survivor or someone who has lived with a loved one that has autism or a military family you might choose a ribbon that matches for your design.

Do Your Research

One thing that is important in choosing a tattoo design for your wrist is to take your time and do some research.  Don’t just settle for some flash on the wall or getting a copy of someone’s tattoo.  Instead take some time and don’t rush into the tattoo.  Do some research online or at a local bookstore and find wrist tattoos that have designs you like.  Then you can incorporate these designs into your own unique tattoo.


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