Impressive Jewelry Ideas On Christmas Day To Try15
Impressive Jewelry Ideas On Christmas Day To Try15

41 Impressive Jewelry Ideas On Christmas Day To Try

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Is Santa bringing jewelry for Christmas this year? If your spouse, partner, or loved one is a jewelry fan, you’ve got the inside track to choosing a gift that they’ll love. The right gift is often found via the alchemy of knowing your loved one’s tastes, seeing what’s currently on the market, and a rare moment of inspiration. It can also come from some thoughtful guidance from an experience jeweler. This year’s jewelry trends can also help you make an informed choice. Here’s a closer look at what jewelry items are flying off the shelves this year, and will be gracing stockings around the country on December 24th.

Smart jewelry: As the wearable device trend has gained steam, many designers are finding ways to use jewelry in interesting new ways. There are a number of lines that have been released to help hide the utilitarian look of fitness devices like the Fitbit, such as cage necklaces and wide bracelets. In other cases, jewelry is being imbedded with medical data to help keep wearers safe in case of emergencies. Fans that blend a love of technology and jewelry have been all over these cutting-edge products.

Classics are back: At the other end of the spectrum, jewelers are seeing a resurgence of classic pieces this year. Beautifully crafted diamond studs, pendants, and tennis bracelets are in high demand. Other stones whose popularity often waxes and wanes are also experiencing an uptick in interest: sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are being bought across jewelry categories. The emphasis is on high quality stones, elegant designs, and modern twists that showcase the stones in a whole new way.

Colored diamonds: There’s been an increasing interest in colored diamonds including chocolate and black diamonds. This trend is proving big in engagement rings, with couples seeking their own interpretation on the classic diamond choice. The collection of blue, yellow, green, and purple diamonds is proving hot with buyers looking for something new.

Bar/trapeze pendants: The bar or trapeze pendant that was introduced last year is beginning to capture mainstream interest. These square pendants look like gold bars. Some are engraved, personalized, or feature a specific term (think “love” or “mom”). Others go for a streamlined, elegant look. Celebrities are displaying this style a lot, which is helping it stay on the radar with buyers.

Bracelets: Charm bracelets remain a favorite, from high-end themed collections that are bought all-in-one to the more traditional approach of collecting meaningful charms through time. Another bracelet trend that remains hot is the latest releases from collections like Alex and Ani. Jewelers are also seeing the popularity of engraved bracelets, leather wrist cuffs, medallions, and soft stackable bangles. Any trend that focuses on bracelets also leads to a refocus on watches, since people are thinking about how they adorn their wrists.

This year’s holiday season promises to sparkle and delight. In part, it’s due to all the jewelry trends will be bringing joy to gift givers and receivers alike! If you’re in the market for the perfect gift and you’re unsure of how to proceed, visit a jeweler near you. From browsing their selection to talking with the experienced staff jewelers, you’re guaranteed to find jewelry for Christmas that’s perfect for your loved on and your budget.


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