Popular Tanzanite Jewelry Ideas For Your Collections To Try Asap39
Popular Tanzanite Jewelry Ideas For Your Collections To Try Asap39

50 Popular Tanzanite Jewelry Ideas For Your Collections To Try Asap

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Tanzanite has been a celebrated gemstone amongst rich and poor. This zoisite mineral was discovered in Tanzania itself. It is a mineral variety which comes in crystals flattened in an acicular fashion. As per the name suggests, it’s only source is Tanzania.

Until 20th century, no one could think that those brown-colored rough crystals can transform into beautiful lavender colored gemstones.

One day lightening struck those crystals roasting them to an extremely high temperature of 400 degree Celsius. The end result was a makeover of the crystals. They were turned into a beautiful purple to blue shade precious gemstone.

After that, Tiffany promoted this young gemstone as a new member of the club of prized, precious sparkling gems. Following suit many other big names joined the league of promoting and selling this gemstone jewelry for all kinds of budget holders.

It’s interesting to note that world’s largest tanzanite present, weighs 242 Karats. It is named as ‘Queen of Kilimanjaro’ and is set in a tiara preserved in Canada.

Normally flawless to eye, tanzanite is strongly a pleochroic, i.e. its shows a property of change in color when there is a change in light source. When exposed to artificial incandescence and normal daylight, there is a difference in color display, in both the cases.

The above mentioned is a key factor, playing its major role in the clarity of a gemstone. Moreover, amongst 4Cs, color is the value deciding factor of the gemstone. To enhance color, heat treatment is the most practiced and trusted trend in most places.

Except some natural intense colored stones found, universally all tanzanite is heated. Heat treated ones show a variety of colors. Amongst such stones, green one is the rarest.

When salability of tanzanite jewelry comes to mind, leading jewelers come in role. America’s online retailers of tanzanite jewelry provide exquisite collections of rings, earrings, pendants to buyers. This brings tanzanite to a great lime light. Such jewelers provide a helpful tool of customization of personal jewelry too.

Talking about showcased jewelry this Christmas, it’s a bonanza for customers who plan to add to their choices. A grand piece of captivating flawless tanzanite solitaire in white gold with a sleek curve at the shank is a fine specimen of craftsmanship.

Enhancing color intensity of tanzanite, diamonds come as bordering the stone. These are favorites in round as well as in shapes like pear, princess emerald etc.

More shapes acquire glory in form of favorite pendants in white gold. A pair of earrings in both white and yellow gold and pendants with similar glory, add that oomph in your personality.


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