Lovely Navy Blue Hair Ideas For Elegant Women To Try38
Lovely Navy Blue Hair Ideas For Elegant Women To Try38

46 Lovely Navy Blue Hair Ideas For Elegant Women To Try

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In the English vocabulary, blue is synonymous with a mood that is downcast. However, when it comes to the world of fashion, blue seems to be the latest trend as far as hairstyles are concerned and the teenagers and young adults who are going in for a blue look on their heads seem to be anything but downcast. Don’t think for a minute that we are only referring to the funky girls who color their hair a psychedelic blue and career round the city on the back of their boyfriend’s motorcycle! There are a large number of professionals and office-going women who have chosen to wear a more sedate Blue intermingled in their hair and are looking extremely glamorous and chic because of this.

Over the years, the concepts of attractiveness and beauty have undergone a sea change and this wave has also engulfed women’s hairstyles. Time was when a woman wouldn’t dare to color her hair with any shade that wasn’t natural to human beings. Those days are past and the streets are full now of smart, stylish women who wear reds, purples and greens. In a way, a woman feels liberated when she adopts a hairstyle with these offbeat colors as she sees herself as a part of the fashion revolution. Her confidence level rises as heads turn. And the marvelous thing is that it is fairly easy to acquire. All you have to do is go through a Blue Hair Extension process.

You could also dye your hair blue, but dyeing has its own disadvantages. With repeated washing, the dye fades and your blue tresses will soon lose their luster. Hair Extensions are much more practical as they last longer and you have a natural looking head of hair for quite a while. What are Hair Extensions? we hear you asking. Let’s try and give you a brief rundown. This process involves attaching additional hair to the natural hair that you possess with the help of one of several methods. This additional hair can comprise of extensions that are made out of human hair or those made out of synthetic material.

The Hair Extension methods that you can choose from are basically three. First, there is a procedure where the additional hair is attached to the real hair by means of a bonding substance such as glue. The bonding agent is applied to a woman’s actual hair and then the hair extensions are attached to the original crop. A second method of extension is the clip-on variety. It’s exactly as the name suggests where the additional hair is clipped on to a person’s own hair. And finally, there is the “weaved” variety of Hair Extension. Here, the additional hair is actually sewn into the natural hair.

It’s up to you to choose the method that most suits your convenience-and your pocket. But whichever way you choose, your Blue Hair Extensions are bound to make you look much, much more glamorous than before.

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