Marvelous Semi Formal Women Hairstyle Ideas For Party Today16
Marvelous Semi Formal Women Hairstyle Ideas For Party Today16

40 Marvelous Semi Formal Women Hairstyle Ideas For Party Today

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Are you a big fan of hip-hop? Did you notice the common hairstyle of the dancers most prevalently worn by women dancers? What you see is the cornrow styles for women and it’s called as such because the hairstyle looks like a corn on cob. It is very popular in the world of hip-hop and many people are having it as their hairdo these days.

This style is already popular among Africans many years ago up to this day. When foreign races come to appreciate and started wearing the style, it became popular especially in the hip-hop industry because the style looks cool. Professional hair braiders are everywhere because this style is very popular these days and they are the best people to go to when wanting this hairstyle because they can do the job well.

If you want the hairdo then start looking for braiding parlors around you and choose the best hairstylist. Choose ahead of time what style of braid you want. You can choose from the three common styles there is today. You can select the style that fits what event you are going to attend or you want it as an everyday hairstyle.

If you want to have the hairstyle as an everyday hairdo, you may have the circular cornrow. In this type, the braids will run in circles at thin to medium thickness. You need to look for a professional hairstylist to braid your hair on this type because this is a complex hairdo.

If you want to wear the hairdo for casual to semi formal events then the best style is the straight back. The braids in medium size thick will run from the forehead to the nape and the ending can be braided still or put into a ponytail. This is one of the most elegant type of cornrow that is why many women are seen using these everywhere.

The last type that is commonly worn is called goddess braids. To know how it looks like, look into some films about Greek mythology and you’ll see the goddesses have braided hairs. The braid is thick and the scalp is more visible. The braids will be put into head in different styles and designs. This also looks elegant and classy that is why it is used in formal parties.

When you have selected the hairdo you want then decide if you want it as temporary hairstyle or long-term one. When you want it long-term then you need to do some hair care and maintenance. Shampoo it mildly so that it won’t be damaged. Wash carefully to remove dirt and dust accumulation on the braids.

If you want the hairstyle to last longer, you should cover your head before you go to sleep with some clothing. This will prevent damage to the braids. If you don’t cover it the braids will loosen thus making a mess out of your hairdo the next day.

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