Best Bold Makeup Ideas To Make You Look More Beautiful Than The Other27
Best Bold Makeup Ideas To Make You Look More Beautiful Than The Other27

45 Best Bold Makeup Ideas To Make You Look More Beautiful Than The Other

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When you look at pictures in magazines or sexy movie stars sporting bold makeup colors, it’s hard not to feel bland in comparison. So often, we’re told to keep it natural. Natural is safe and pretty, no doubt. However, sometimes it’s fun to stand out from the crowd. While all the bold eye and lip makeup you see isn’t perfect for everyone, there are a few bold color trends any woman can pull off. You don’t have to have model perfect skin either. Stun your friends or significant other the next time you go out by trying a few of these trends.

Try a little tangerine orange on your lips and you may find yourself ditching pale pink. For those who want bold, but red just isn’t their style, tangerine orange is the solution. It is bold, yet flattering for light, medium and dark skin tones. The color comes in a variety of shades depending on how bold you want to go.

While we’re on the subject, bring orange to your eyes as well. While some may be surprised, orange makes blue and brown eyes truly stand out. A more pale orange works perfect for lighter skin tones while pinkish orange and bright orange work great for darker complexions.

A popular lip shade on models is purple. Luckily, you can pull this stunning shade off too. For the fair complected, consider a wine/purple mix. If you’re uncertain, try a more sheer purple first. Medium skin tones work best with lavender, while darker tones look amazing with bluish purple lip colors.

We’ve all seen women with blue eye shadow and wondered what they were thinking. The key is in wearing blue correctly for your skin tone. And yes, you can pull it off no matter your skin. First, be ready to truly own the blue. Too little or a messy finish can all ruin this bold look.

Using blue shadow as a liner works well with lighter skin tones. It prevents overkill while still making a statement. Medium skin tones should use a bright blue on their upper lids with just a smudge under their eyes. If you have a darker skin tone, go for bright blue in the inner corners with a taupe color on the rest of the lid. Or you can also go full out blue.

Most consider this one of the most difficult to pull off, but it is actually the easiest. Not only does it look incredible on all skin tones, but it is perfect for all seasons. Fair complexions should go with a more pink based fuchsia. Medium and dark skin tones can enjoy bold fuchsia in the truest sense. However, blue based ones should be avoided.

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