Adorable Women With Eye Shadow Ideas That Will Inspire You26
Adorable Women With Eye Shadow Ideas That Will Inspire You26

41 Adorable Women With Eye Shadow Ideas That Will Inspire You

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People say that anything you feel or think are reflected through your eyes. When you cannot say something, your eyes can. That is why eyes are so important, and women need to make them more beautiful with eye shadows.

Eye shadows are a cosmetic applied to make the wearer’s eyes look more attractive. Just by applying them on the eyelids and under the eyebrows, you will appear spectacularly. It is because they add depth and dimension, complements the eye color, and draw attention to the eyes.

Besides being used to improve somebody’s appearance, they are also used in drama, theater, cabarets, and other shows. Eye shadows are available in various colors and textures. You can find them in a form of powder, liquid, pencil, or mousse form. The colors can range from glossy shine to pinkish tone, or even silver look. The most common colors range from pink to plum, blue to green, coral to copper, gold, and other frosted colors.

The application of eye shadows is influenced by some factors, including the shape of eyes, the brow bone and shape of eyebrows, eyelid, and the corner of eyes. Choose the good quality ones since they can last longer and will not easily crease, flake, and fade.

The safest way to get the right colors of eye shadows is by keeping your eyes’ color. Here are some tips of colors you should try:

o For blue eyes, try gray, purple, taupe, violet, and deep blue colors.
o For black eyes, play with bright blue colors.
o For green and hazel eyes, apply bronze, copper, champagne, beige, and forest green colors.
o Silver, fuchsia, and turquoise will create funky look.
o Gold, lime-green, very light-green, and bright purple shades can add a touch of boldness to your face.
o Brown colors help you create a doe-eyed look.
o Choose silver colors for night parties to get hot look.
o Apply hot pink, tangerine, royal blue, and lime-green to add freshness.

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